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Public Systems Associates continues to deliver on its commitment to Government service by unveiling a second generation Voting System application focused on the latest advancements in display panel technology.

This new version, which is developed and managed entirely by PSA, utilizes FlashMX Remote Web Services and ASP.NET technologies to provide city, counties and state legislatures with the voting technology of tomorrow. Beyond it’s seamless integration with our Meeting Management System, Legisoft Voting provides a content rich, ultramodern experience for members.

We understand that the proceedings of meetings occur very quickly, and our Legisoft Voting System provides simple user controls able to efficiently capture vote information while providing the visual cueues necessary for a highly effective and informative voting experience.

Customer's Perspective: High Quality Voting System
Advanced Display Technology
Ease of Use
Informative Item Presentation
Vote Recordation Accuracy
High Level of Control

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