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Date Founded:
July 18, 1976
Since our founding in 1976, PSA has made considerable progress toward creating a company that will endure and prosper far into the future.

Introducing LEGISuite™ as Legisoft™
Friday, July 22, 2005 - Baton Rouge, LA Public Systems Associates expands its legislative enterprise management solution for state and local government with the launch of Legisoft™, a software solution for creating, tracking, and publishing legislative items.

The revamped Legisoft™ boasts not only new branding but – more importantly – also puts users a step ahead of any similar technology that can provide a single data storage system for legislative bodies and their customers.

Both updated software content and the product logo and package aim to grab customers’ attention. Bright orange and navy symbols and type signify a memorable product designed to initiate customer attention and interest.

Public Systems Associates, a Baton Rouge-based software company, provides city, state, and federal legislatures with a disciplined and comprehensive legislative tracking system.

“We carefully manage our growth so we can maintain our distinct edge which unites a unique culture with an intense focus on legislative tracking,” said Art Barrios, Director of Technical Services. “In this business with government for nearly 30 years, we keep integrity and a commitment to excellence at the core of every relationship.

“In this Legisoft launch, we intend to build a broader public awareness of services we already provide to users nationwide; we believe that Legisoft’s performance will remain a key factor in buyers’ decision-making to actually use this ahead-of-the-crowd technology,” he added.

Legisoft™ provides a solution for agenda automation, minutes management, public website integration and XML based Drafting and Workflow with Microsoft Word – these and other essential tools to keep legislative bodies, their colleagues in other government sectors, and their consumers informed with the latest information available.

“Using information technology to manage the legislative process and increase public awareness of codes and laws is a perpetual challenge,” said Kimberlie Wessman, Marketing Manager. “Our integration of information technology solutions over three decades has revolutionized many other facets of local government operations.”

“Legisoft™ really can take us all to the next level and increase both productivity and public awareness in creating public policy,” she affirmed. The ground-breaking product promises to forever change the management and research of contracts, permits, codes, and other items that require a democratic approval process.

For more information about the Legisoft™ Solution, visit us online at
About Public Systems Associates, Inc.
Public Systems Associates is a premier provider of legislative software and solutions. The Company’s award-winning Legisoft™ product line is legislative software that enables legislators to easily communicate with their constituents, access strategic and political information while in session and broadcasting video and audio over the World Wide Web.

Headquartered in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. More information about Public Systems Associates, Inc. can be found at
or by calling 225-346-0618.
Media Contact:
Art Barrios
Corporate IT Director
2431 S. Acadian Thruway, Suite 570
(225) 346-0618
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