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June 18, 1976
Since our founding in 1976, PSA has made considerable progress toward creating a company that will endure and prosper far into the future.

Public Systems Associates, a Baton Rouge software company, was established in 1976 to provide city, state and federal legislatures with a disciplined and comprehensive legislative tracking system.

We carefully manage our growth so that we can maintain our distinct edge which unites a unique culture with an intense focus on legislative tracking.

We believe the following dynamics will contribute to our success within our industry:

Our culture is the core of our competitive advantage. Integrity and a commitment to excellence are at the core of our relationships. Our decisions are driven by loyalty to our clients and an understanding that long-term success will be enhanced by always putting our clients' interests first.

An outgrowth of our legislative tracking system is our obsession with research and a disciplined process. Behind our research effort is a commitment to intellectual honesty and staying within our circle of competency. We believe our clients' long-term interests are best served by making decisions based on careful fundamental research, rather than pursuing what is temporarily popular or superficially appealing.

Our obsession to get an edge has led us to think outside the lines. We strive to be creative in our thinking and this has allowed us to deliver to our clients what we believe are some uniquely superior alternatives.

Our commitment to our clients includes a focus on the quality of the relationship. We believe strong client relationships are born out of exceptional efforts by all our team members and must be based on an accurate understanding of each client's needs and objectives. Our managers and team members strive to make 100% customer satisfaction our overriding priority.
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